A floating Bitcoin hub on a former cruise ship

Crypto-Fans on board! Not far from Panama’s coast, a floating Bitcoin hub is being built on a former cruise ship.

The company Ocean Builders has acquired a former cruise ship. The special thing about it: The pleasure steamer will be called „Satoshi“ in the future and is to be converted in the Gulf of Panama into a refuge for Bitcoin companies and digital nomads.
Ocean Builders manufactures „floating, off-grid housing units at sea“. In particular, its Chief Operating Officer, Chad Elwartowski, is a supporter of „sea-stading“, according to the Maritime Executive – a news protal of the shipping industry. Seasteaders advocate the creation of living spaces at sea, beyond the reach of governmental influence. Elwartowski, who is a key investor in Satoshi, is also a Bitcoin enthusiast. He describes the goal of the ship project as follows:

We look forward to creating a hub for technology and innovation here in Panama. Our goal is to find out how to live sustainably at sea and to break new ground in this uncharted territory.

Ship conversion as a result of Corona

That the cruise ship formerly known as Pacific Dawn will be a Bitcoin hub in the future is, however, a consequence of the Corona Pandemic, which has hit the cruise industry hard. The Carnival Cooperation group consequently sold the 91-year-old barge in order to consolidate its own fleet.

Ocean Builders took possession of the vessel on November 4. It will be operated in cooperation with the cruise management company Columbia Cruise Services.
Cabins at Bitcoin Hub available soon

Ocean Builders wants to transform the Satoshi into a high-tech innovation center. Bitcoin start-ups will be given the opportunity to apply their technologies in a „controlled environment“. In addition to office space, the ship is also designed as a place to live. Elwartowski explains:

Our idea for families with children is to buy a room with balcony or sea view for the parents and a cheaper room across the hall for the children. We would like to think of the cabin as a bedroom, while your living room is the rest of the ship.

Meanwhile, the living room promises all the comforts of a cruise ship. In addition to cafes, bars and restaurants, you will also find water parks and casions. Bitcoin is of course accepted everywhere as a means of payment.

Ocean Builders plans to start auctioning the cabins on November 5. Over the course of November, 200 of the total of 777 available rooms will be auctioned off. The price is quoted in a range between 25 and 50 thousand US dollars. The buyers will acquire full ownership rights and will have to pay a monthly operating fee. The Satoshi offers space for 2,020 people.